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26 July 2021 6  Philip Kreycik found safe?  She did this - she saw him in 2020 at Maguire Peaks Loop Trail  - 925  828-9006... 26 July 2021 1 Nobody cares - not sure why I wrote that this morning... 26 July 2021 2 Central Park Mega Concert - cancel it now - he is waiting... 26 July 2021 3 He is going to do it - he warned them... 26 July 2021 4 Mary, Mary Joshua is in danger - wait 45 seconds before going on August? 25 July 2021 5 Expect the next earthquake on Friday, July 30th  this year... 25 July 2021 6 Numbers, this was another alien nightmare... 25 July 2021 7 This is the bus driver of the fatal crash that will affect so many people... 25 July 2021 8 LA quake on July 28th... Apr 2005 Apple poison... Aug 2005 War - Iran... 3 Fish New Hope Will Make Peace Dprk Lies, War Seoul July 4th, 2018... May 2005... 172 boardwalk... Jun 2005 Explosion... Jan 2007 New moon earthquake kills... Aug 2005 Secret US Government spy satellite goes down... Jan 2006 Japan 8+ earthquake triggers tsunami in Tōhoku Japan on 11 march... Apr 2005 Powerball numbers 41 26 34 24 35 16... May 2005 Some sort of hurricane proof house - invention I think... Jun 2006  you are not you... 

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Kyla Flagg opened 6-21-21

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Most viewed dreams - MISSING PERSONS
Summer Wells found - shoes - her shoes will be used in court to prove this is not an accident - Don did not do this - remains found - Rose Marie Bly - creek50 views today
Missing woman Kandi Green Gonzalez located - she told him she was going to the police - there is a photo on the other phone - the items were put there by his girlfriend - looking in the wrong area -30 views today
Missing child Summer Wells found - look again - under here - trailer - cctv buying tools...29 views today
Missing woman Kandi Green Gonzalez located - she told him she was going to the police - there is a photo on the other phone24 views today
Phil Kreycik located - did not fall - she knew he was going - went to Freemount off Mowry road - numbers - not what she thinks - numbers - he works in Hamilton - not running - white Toyota23 views today
Summer Wells located mother arrested not her - rose took her - numbers...22 views today
Summer Wells mother arrested for murder - cant breathe - other bad things - look again...19 views today
Philip Kreycik found safe? She did this - she saw him in 2020 at Maguire Peaks Loop Trail...19 views today
Missing girl Summer Wells located - police are withholding the text and phone call - he did not take her - something about shoes - tiktok - Rose Marie Bly 118 views today
Philip Kreycik located - HEDD - a white toyota passed him not runnng - hedd c18 views today
from 2 dds dated 6-16-21 Missing girl Summer Wells located - police are withholding the text and phone call - he did not take her - something about shoes - tiktok - Rose Marie Bly 216 views today
Summer Wells mother arrested for murder police have the item - marks show it was not an accident - keeps washing her hands - she did not do it - it was Rose Bly16 views today
Summer Wells found - this is him - no accident - numbers15 views today
Missing woman Rose Bly located - arrest made - Aug 21 - 4233486 keeps washing hands - 423 348-6060 6060 4233486060...14 views today
Summer Wells located - going to take another in July - washing hands - numbers...14 views today
Phil Kreycik located - did not fall - she knew he was going - went to Freemount off Mowry road - numbers - not what she thinks - numbers - he works in Hamilton - not running - white Toyota 14 views today
per last nights dreams and map dousing - this is the exact location of missing child Summer Wells - at least it was when I had this dream - the area is right by where she was reported missing - she did not walk away13 views today
Summer Wells found - arrest made - this is her - she keeps washing her hands - cctv look at what she bought...13 views today
21 July 2021 4 Philip Kreycik missing man is here - white truck - HEDD - she did this - not running - 9252490620 - Dustin home...13 views today
Ryan Larson missing boy locatedm look againm this is him followed the dog2C was in this container - alive - western hills12 views today
Kyron Horman Missing boy located safe in Scappoose Oregon - she tried to contact Terri Horman but she didn t believe it - Kyron actually think this is his mother now10 views today
Sarm Heslop located - Ryan Bane arrested is not directly related to her - he forced her to do it and she refused - more than just the money - she is alive - moravian point - numbers~010 views today
Philip Kreycik found safe - Police have the Rx - he is outside the hotel now - hit his head - not sure - keep repeating my name?10 views today
Missing woman Rose Bly located - keeps washing hands? Lone Star Road - Kingsport...9 views today
Anthonette Cayedito located safe - she just had her second baby girl - love - Washoe Tribe - numbers - CCTV - this is her trailer8 views today
Missing woman Rose Bly located - arrest made - Aug 21 - 4233486 keeps washing hands - 423 348-6060 6060 4233486060...8 views today
Missing woman Rose Bly located - arrest made - Aug 21 - 4233486 keeps washing hands - 423 348-6060 6060 4233486060...8 views today
IMG 6118 Zachary Bernhardt missing 2018 psychic remote viewing with map dousing 6 views today
Dulce Alavez missing girl located Dream number 12597 15 January 2020 2 psychic prediction6 views today
Yasemin Uyar missing woman found - rathway river - the wrong way - look again - red sign...6 views today
Adji Desir IMG 64735 views today
Adji Desir missing psychic brian ladd map5 views today
Naya Rivera missing woman found at lake bottom exact location per 2 dd dated July 9th of 20205 views today
Angela Reyes Days Inn by Wyndham she is on the floor missing woman is here5 views today
Missing man Shane Nguyen located - He said he was going to leave and would go there - he did not go there - he went by Ewing Street bridge5 views today
The container 28dumpster29 was taken to the landfill - hiding CVS look again - Missing Ryan Larsen found - alive I hope this is true if this container was moved not sure where it would be now5 views today
Missing girl Tionda Bradley located in West Garfield park numbers 1200 feet west of water - the water is Garfield lagoon...5 views today
Dream number 11152 10 October 2018 4 psychic prediction~04 views today
jaymee closs arrested Dream number 11565 11 January 2019 3 psychic prediction4 views today
Serenity Dennard found dream by Brian Ladd March 8th 20194 views today
Dulce Maria Alavez search map per 2 nights dreams this is that area where the clothing piece was or will be found4 views today
Missing Ernesto Caballeiro and his daughter found Psychic Brian Ladd 34 views today
Murder of Abigail Williams and Liberty German was done my this man living in this garage4 views today
Missing man Thomas Hughes - she goes to the University but does not take classes anymore - he dropped this while climbing4 views today
The body of Joan Risch located at this location - see the map - B001DKRWJ8 - J84X - hidden escape door - blood was from a pig - he was a police officer and he did this - hobbs brook4 views today
Joseph James DeAngelo2C Jr is not The Visalia Ransacker the East Area Rapist or the Golden State Killer - the real killer is still alive this is him in 1999 - he lived in the Mooney Grove trailer park4 views today
Praia da Luz - Madeleine McCann found alive - tunnel to the cellar - police will search the wrong area - she is alive for now - June 11th is the day the terror ends -~04 views today
Floyd Galloway Jr did not kill Danielle Stislicki - she is alive as is being held in this basement in Ann Arbor - she was taken by Chris W against her will - numbers4 views today
Murry Murry found Rockingham not a street Massabesic Lake 11 missing women found here look again serial killer lies he was at Fort Sill h now lives in concord Nancy Burgess numbers not suicide not an accident~34 views today
Kori Gauthier s killer does it again in 43 days the Serial killer in Baton Rouge does not even live there he lives4 views today
Valerie Hasbum missing woman located - not what they think - by Jake dog park - numbers - he works in Hamilton4 views today
Wayne Lee Farrell missing man located near the white river - not what they think - this is the other man...4 views today
IMG 4864 Brittanee Drexel 3 views today
Rankin Lake Park improvements 23 September 2018 2 psychic prediction3 views today
Maddox Ritch missing boy found psychic Brian Ladd 002 hqdefault 20183 views today
Dream number 11149 10 October 2018 1 psychic prediction~03 views today
Dream number 11151 10 October 2018 3 psychic prediction~03 views today
Kelsey Berreth missing woman found Dream number 11388 30 November 2018 5 psychic prediction3 views today
Karlie Guse missing Dream number 11450 14 December 2018 1 psychic prediction3 views today
Missing-Colorado-mother-Kelsey-Berreth-found2C-where-is-the-baby-Psychic2C-happy-landing-numbers-he-does-not-know-go-back-and-look-for-the-cross3 views today
Dream number 11646 2 February 2 2019 2 psychic prediction~03 views today
Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky psychic Brian Ladd3 views today
Dulce Maria Alavez missing child located Dream number 12161 16 September 2019 2 psychic prediction3 views today
Rust everywhere Dulce Alavez found Dream number 12480 19 December 2019 5 psychic prediction Dream number 12480 19 December 2019 5 psychic prediction3 views today
Dulce Alavez missing girl located Dream number 12596 15 January 2020 1 psychic prediction3 views today
Joshua Vallow missing boy found here 28 this is about 2 missing children Tylee and Joshua Vallow and their biological mother Lori Vallow Dream number 12657 30 January 2020 8 psychic prediction3 views today
Leah Croucher missing woman found just miles from where she went missing came back with him works for telemarketer SW numbers Magic Garden Gagic Garden crestor drug Dream number 12728 14 February 2020 3 psychic prediction3 views today
Lauren Dumolo missing woman s exact location found2C no address2C returned mail off cape coral bridge cement bricks Dream number 13305 13 July 2020 3 psychic prediction3 views today
Maura Murray remains found at the White Mountain National Park Park by the roadside wood pond wood lake New Hampshire3 views today
Maura Murray remains found at the White Mountain National Park Park by the roadside wood pond wood lake New Hampshire 23 views today
Missing Suzanne Morphew found he tried to take to the near old hospital Dream number 13381 26 July 2020 1 psychic prediction3 views today
The remains of Madeleine McCann located 2172C Light Dream number 13387 28 July 2020 2 psychic prediction3 views today
Missing woman Adrianne Gilliam is alive she is discovered during a routine traffic stop she is working at Walmart in Palo Alto California3 views today
Joshua Jones missing man located - river derwent - this is her - she has his other phone - numbers - this is the location per dd3 views today
Suzy Lamplugh finally found - This is the exact location of her remains per the dream drawing - Wyndley Pool Sutton Coldfield West Midlands3 views today
Alexis Cavazos found - he met her 10 times before at this restaurant - B - 7136070 21432494643 views today
Leah Conner missing teen found - he did this - not suicide - something about a note - Avoca Market - the car has proof - Mill Creek Trestle 28see map293 views today
Baby James Avi Chairez found wrapped in this with some type of marker on his face - CCTV - look again- behind her trailer under this - it was dark and she made a mistake3 views today
The remains of Madeleine McCann found under this stone on the beach at Praia da Luz Portugal3 views today